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Provide you with the best quality, reliability & safety!

Because the quality of our products is our priority, we are committed to providing you the best products for your needs and requirements. To ensure this objective is reached, before any market launch, we systematically test our products in our internal COFRAC (French Comittee of accreditation)-accredited laboratory: strength, reliability, durability, safety… Every single product is being tested! Our international approach ensures we adapt to the needs of the different countries, and comply with many standards.

The Lab by BizLine

This internal test laboratory ensures all BizLine products comply with current national and international standards enforced in our different markets.

ALAIN NOUMA Bizline Technical, Quality and Laboratory Manager

Our last generation equipments allows us to test new, innovating products and compare the offers in the different markets while remaining performant and competitive. Safety, especially in our of business, is at the heart of our concerns. Therefore, more than ever, it is important to be vigilant. We use many test facilities to perform our trials, such as:

  • Traction test
  • Insulator dielectric test
  • Fire resistance of plastic materials
  • Mechanical and electrical resistance of connections and splices
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Rapid temperature and humidity variations
  • Heat resistance of plastic materials
  • Metal hardness
  • Spectrometry
  • Heating tests


  • We check the quality and compliance of our products against standards required over time.
  • Thanks to our COFRAC accreditation, our test reports are standardized and acknowledged internationally.

The BizLine guarantee

Our products come with a guarantee starting on the invoice date. The guarantee period matches the product, in compliance with current legislation. This guarantee applies to all manufacturing defects in normal conditions of use, maintenance and storage (found after use, maintenance or storage compliant with the conditions specified in the product's technical sheet).

A customer service for to you

Any questions about our products, specific documentation requests or simply need some advice? The expertise of our team is available to guide and advise you on the products most suited to your needs and requirements.