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Our pica range : you'll feel write !

Our pica range : you'll feel write !
Our PICA range includes :
1- Red wax chalk Pica Visor Permanent
BIZ 780 852 Application : for marking all types of surfaces, dry or humid, smooth or  rough, dusty or oily.Technical Details :Rotating mechanism. Handy 'quiver' cap. Lead Ø: 10 mm.

2- Pica Ink black marker for deep holes

BIZ 780 428 Application : permanent marking on all dry surfaces. Special for difficult access Very fine tip marker. Technical Details : Telescopic tip in stainless steel Ø 1.5 mm. 'Quiver' cap.  
  1. 3-PICA DRY graphite lead pencil
BIZ 790 214  Applications : for marking and writing on all surfaces and materials. Ideal for surfaces which are rough, dusty, humid, oily, dark, etc.
Technical Details : 
Telescopic lead pencil. Lead protected by a cap. Cap contains a sharpener.