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Suspension locks

Suspension locks

Suspension Locks

The most advanced and versatile suspension lock ever designed !

Biz 710 405, BIZ 710 406, BIZ 710 408


The BizLine lock allows suspending or securing fastening of cable trays, light fixtures, ventilation ducts, pre-wired electrical distribution ducts, centre points, signs, etc.


  • Reduced installation time: up to 6 times faster than a typical suspension system.
  • Easy and quick adjustment without specifi c tool!
  • New streamlined, discrete and light design.
  • Versatile: suitable for 1.5 mm Ø and 2.5 mm Ø cables.
  • Certified.

Reel of Wire

To use with locking devices Biz 710 405 and BIZ 710 406.


Create wire loops for static light-duty suspensions.

Technical details

Woven steel wire. Strand core: 7 x 7 steel brands.    

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