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Suspension lock Ø 1.5-2.5 mm (x 100)

BIZ 710 406

The most advanced and versatile suspension lock ever designed!

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Technical details

Suspension locks with built-in unlocking system compatible with steel cables Ø 1.5 and Ø 2.5 mm.
Load accepted (cable Ø 1.5 mm): 35 kg*.
Load accepted (cable Ø 2.5 mm): 70 kg*.

* The strengths given for the BIZ 710 405 and BIZ 710 406 locks require the use of BIZ 710 350, BIZ 710 351, BIZ 710 352 and BIZ 710 353 cables.

APAVE test report available on request.




The BizLine lock allows suspending or securing fastening of cable trays, light fixtures, ventilation ducts, pre-wired electrical distribution ducts, centre points, signs, etc.


Reduced assembly time: up to 6 times faster installation than a typical suspension system.
Easy and quick adjustment without specific tool!
New streamlined, discrete and light design.
Versatile: 1.5 mm Ø and 2.5 mm Ø cables.

Instructions of use

Arrows indicating the cable entry and exit direction for a safe, easy and quick implementation of suspension loops.
Unlocking by simple pressure.
Quick adjustment of the length or its modification once the object to be hanged is in place.