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Floodlight LED 10W rechargeable AU/NZ

BIZ 625 029

Work site LED flood light 10 W rechargeable.

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Technical details

  • IP54

Power: 10 W.
Luminous flux: 1100 lm (Mode: 100 %) or 400 lm (Mode: 50 %).
Colour temperature: 6000 K.
Colour rendering index: 80.
Beam: 120°.
Resistance to 1 m height drop.
Material: Aluminium and rubber.
Clamp adjustable to 180º.
Magnetic clamp compatible with tripod.
Independent operating time 3 h (mode: 100 %) or 6 h (mode: 50 %).
Charge time: 6 h.
Charge indicator.
Battery Lithium 3.7 V / 4400 mAH.
Charger input voltage: 100-240 V AC.
Charger output voltage: 5 V DC - 1 A.
Powerbank USB port.
Supplied with mains charger and a connection cable length 1 meter.
Weight: 750 grams.


Temporary work site lighting on battery.


Recharge and discharge the battery completely for a better working lifetime.


Long independent operating time for extended jobs.
Compact design for minimal overall dimensions.
Adjustable magnetic clamp compatible with tripod.

Instructions of use

Button to choose the desired luminous flux (100 % - 50 % - Off). Operates when the device is connected to the mains.