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Biz'gel Express sealing gel, 280 ml cartridge

BIZ 710 000
Biz'gel Express sealing gel, 280 ml cartridge

Mono-component ready-to-use injectable gel!

Injectable and ready-to-use mono-component gel in 280 ml cartridge.

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Technical details

  • IP68

Dielectric strength: > 23 kV/mm.
Voltage: up to 1 kV.
Installation temperature: -40 °C to +110 °C.
Operating temperature after polymerization: -60 °C to +200 °C.




Sealing and insulation of electrical connections.
Ideal for watertitghness of confined junction boxes, just inject BIZ'GEL EXPRESS regardless of the position of your junction box or connection system.
Ideal solution for watertightness of all junction boxes in your worksites!


Already cross-linked, ready to use.
Usable immediately at low temperature down to -40 °C!
No mixing, no waiting time.
Easily re-accessible.
Non toxic.
No shelf-life.

Mode of use

Use a cartridge gun.

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